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AutoAccess: S&T Digital Content Solution

autoAccess - S&T Digital Content Solution

AutoAccess is a collaborative program between The S&T Store, faculty and publishers that provides required materials automatically when a student enrolls in the course--at a reduced cost.

AutoAccess offers:

  • Day 1 access to critical learning resources through LMS (e.g., Canvas)
  • Robust interactive digital content
  • Reduced costs to the students compared to current print/digital options
  • Increased student engagement
  • No hassle with access codes
Student saves year to date

Student Savings with AutoAccess:

$2.2 million

Enrollment year to date

AutoAccess Enrollment:

over 30,000

How Does AutoAccess Work?

  • Faculty work with the publisher rep and The S&T Store to coordinate course materials and cost savings.
  • Faculty receive instructions to set up their course within the LMS to ensure access to digital materials.
  • The S&T Store communicates the program to enrolled students via in-store and online marketing.
  • Students login to LMS and access their course materials on the first day of class.

Less papers to hassle with (all while), Students have access to all assignments whether they missed a class or not.

Cassie Elrod, Associate Professor Business & Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

The AutoAccess solution is a collaboration between the publisher, The S&T Store and the professor to provide the required materials automatically when a student enrolls in the course. It is designed to not only improve access to course materials but also to reduce the cost to students.
You can contact The S&T Store Academic Resources Department to get started. We will review your current adoption and partner with our publisher contacts to determine availability and pricing.
We will provide information on how to set up your course to ensure full use of all the materials available.
All students enrolled in these classes are automatically billed for the course materials.