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Student Purchase Plan

Would you like to finance this purchase? Fill out our Student Purchase Plan Application

The Computer Purchase Plan allows eligible students to spread the cost of a computer over four payments. The first payment is charged to your University of Missouri student account on the day that you receive your computer. The remaining three payments will be charged to your account over the next three semesters. No billing takes place during the summer sessions. Our administrative fee is a simple 7.8 percent of the purchase price, which is a one-time charge added to your total; there is no accruing interest. A short application must be filled out for approval.

Using the Computer Purchase Plan is easy! You will be asked to provide credit card information to complete the online checkout, but we will not charge your account. On the shopping cart page, please let us know your planning on using the purchase plan by adding a note in the comments.

Criteria for approval:

  • No financial holds on the student’s account.
  • Student must be enrolled for the current semester, or in the case of Summer Welcome customers, enrolled for the fall semester.
  • The student must have a University A/R balance that does not exceed $7500 which includes outstanding provisional aid.
  • The student’s GPA must be a 2.0 or higher.
  • The student must have at least four semesters left before completion of their studies. If the student is a level in which they might not have four semesters left before completion of their studies, a letter from the student’s academic department is required to state the length of the time the student has left before completion of their studies.
  • Students may only purchase one computer at a time via the Student Purchase Plan. All previous Purchase Plans must be paid in full prior to a second plan being approved.
  • AppleCare or CPS warranty is required for computers purchased using the Student Finance Purchase plan. The appropriate protection plan will be added to your order.

Would you like to finance this purchase? Fill out our Student Purchase Plan Application

Important:  Be sure to download the file and save it locally first!  Once you've completed the form, please click on the embedded “Submit Form” button, and it will create an email to send it to us.

Questions, please contact us!

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